autocad training in mehdipatnam

Prerequisites for Course: No previous knowledge is required but basic computer knowledge is needed for Operating System.

Objective and scope of AutoCad: The main focus of this course is to train the students in detail. AutoCAD being a powerful tool in almost all the engineering domains like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, the emphasis is on coaching students specially drawings in AutoCad for Civil Engineering and also to have the understanding and making the drawings like plans, elevations, sections etc and many others.



  • Introduction about AutoCAD
  • Co-ordinate system
  • How to create objects
  • How to modify objects
  • Unit setting
  • Writing text & editing text
  • How to set Layers
  • Dimension setting
  • Dimensioning objects


  • Creating blocks
  • Creating library in AutoCAD.
  • How to divide objects in to segments
  • Advance selection methods.
  • Print by Layouts
  • Editing commands for copy objects from one file to another file.
  • Direct prints
  • Object Linking
  • Attributes
  • Scripting


  • How to create 3D objects by Co-ordinate system
  • Solids
  • Solid editing commands
  • Creating surfaces
  • Created objects by 3D objects
  • Subtraction, Union, Intersection of 3D objects
  • 3D operations
  • Rendering
  • Lights
  • Materials
  • Landscape

Autocad Training in mehdipatnam
Autocad course in mehdipatnam
Autocad course Training in mehdipatnam